Archive of past Expert Fora

Within the span of 9 years since the foundation of the RHICS in June 11, 2011, 18 Expert Fora have been held in various countries. The inaugural Forum took place in Lisbon, Portugal in October 2011. Its successful outcome then paved the way to further successive meetings, either parallel to or incorporated with international annual congresses through invitations, held in China (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hang-Zhou), Taiwan (Taipei), South Korea (Seoul), Thailand (Chiang-Mai), Italy (Bologna), Germany (Berlin, Freiburg), Brazil (Sao Paolo), Russia (Moscow), USA (Florida) and Austria (Vienna). Berlin, as the cradle and seat of the RHICS, has naturally been the place of choice for Spring and Fall meetings.

Prime themes chosen were mostly state-of-the-art, surgical techniques and post-operative outcome, innovations, scientific researches and perspectives, in cardiothoracic and vascular medicine and surgery including the allied health professionals. Sharing of clinical experiences in one’s local medical practice in these aforementioned fields were always given a great part in the Forum. The RHICS were very appreciative of those speakers prominent in their fields who were willing to join us and shared their in-depth knowledge and technical know-how. They were either members of the society or those with special contributions in their field who the Society invited.

It was not only the continuing medical education that the previous Fora offered, but they likewise provided a platform for a reunion of former students and trainees of Prof. Hetzer who came enthusiastically from across continents, to exchange views and communicate their experiences after having been in Berlin and paid tribute to the surgeon who gave them the opportunity to achieve their ambitions.